The Rebuild Hair Program Review 2015 : Does it really Work?

HAIR LOSS PROTOCOL Sometimes we notice that our hair is getting thinner prematurely and end up shedding. That can happen due to a number of possible causes. The reasons can be several such as stress, illness, weakness, anemia, pregnancy, age issues etc. But hair loss, as a condition gets very embarrassing & distressing for people.

Hair loss isn’t a fatal disease, it might not have severe effects physically but it can be devastating emotionally and psychologically. The overall personality receives a setback with hair loss. The self-confidence suffers adversely and many psychological issues and problems may arrive with the disease. So, basically the condition of hair loss can turn into big deal, if not taken care of.

There are various ways prescribed so as to overcome this hair loss condition. Mainly two ways in particular are preferred but even they come with certain side-effects. One of them is to grow the hair growth hormone. As the name itself indicates, it is responsible for the growth of hair strands in our body. So, in the first method, this particular hormone is pumped into the body but it may or may not suit everyone. Also, the method carries a number of side-effects like nausea, pain etc. with it. The other option suggests you to go for the hair transplant surgery but it isn’t exactly an affordable measure for most of the people.


But Jared Gates managed to come up with this amazing idea named ‘Hair Loss protocol’ which works as an effective hair loss solution.


Hair loss, as a health condition can put a very immoral influence on one’s life. Jared Gates, who himself suffered from baldness at a point of time came up with this program named ‘Hair Loss Protocol’ which gets rid of baldness in the most natural way. The program is aimed at preventing hair fall & helps in hair growth. Basically, it reverses the effects of baldness by natural and 100% effective methods. Neither are they painful nor expensive like other solutions offered for hair loss.

The Program states that hair loss mainly occurs due to a steroid which is continuously produced in our body. This steroid travels through the bloodstream which puts men at a critical risk of prostate cancer. When this steroid reaches the hair follicles, it destroys them which lead to permanent hair loss.

DHT is the main cause behind the hair loss, and in order to deal with the hair loss issues, DHT is to be targeted. That is what Jared Gates has done in his program by inculcating natural herbs and supplements so that the production of DHT gets restricted. What this program does is encouraging the production of 5-alpha reductase.


It is the element that synthesizes DHT in the body. It is done by the usage of natural & healthy minerals, herbs, vitamins etc.

In the program, a complete list of such food items would be given which helps in bringing an end to hair loss.


  • The program is a well-researched program. Jared has reportedly spent years to find this ultimate solution. The author encourages people for the proper amount of nutrients and minerals from the daily food intake. These minerals & vitamins indirectly add to making up for the hair gain. It strengthens and promotes hair growth.
  • With this program, you won’t only understand the immediate solutions to hair fall but will also learn about the causes of baldness. So it doesn’t just offers you the solutions but also proves itself informative.
  • Since the program is based on controlling the production of DHT & providing a total health renewal, the program is applicable to both men and women.
  • Hormonal imbalance can be one the major causes for hair loss, so this is taken care of, via this program.
  • A quick ‘Detox Plan’ would be given through this program which helps and contributes in quick regrowth of hair.
  • The food and diet recipes prescribed in the Hair Loss Protocol are very well researched and contains non-DHT diet.
  • It works as a holistic and legitimate approach for how to achieve the pre-hair loss condition.
  • The e-book offers an ultimate solution to the hair loss. Jared understands the emotional and psychological effect on the patient since he himself has witnessed it and hence provides a permanent reversal of Hair loss.
  • The program claim to show the results in a matter of 4 weeks. Initially, you may not have fully thicker head of hair but the DHT levels will be reduced internally and the testosterone levels will be increased. This, in turns reduces the risk of prostate cancer as well.
  • The program only recommends natural supplements which are high on nutritional value.
  • There is absolutely no usage of drugs and medications in the program.
  • Also it offers certain massages so that the hair follicles are strengthened from the root level.

hair loss protocol Before-After


  • The fact that the solution offered by the author Jared Gates is completely natural and carries no side-effects is a big factor for why people are ready to use this product. It may come as a problem to some that some strong chemicals for hair restoration are used in this product. Hair loss mainly occurs as a hormonal issue. Hence, it is essential to get the hormones in check. For that to happen, one has to make some changes in the food habits and the present lifestyle. Although the program doesn’t asks you to do anything that is unhealthy by any means.
  • The program signs you up for stress reduction as well. It is important to have declining stress levels for regaining the lost hair so s to get the right vitamins and it suggests you ways for relaxation too. So, it ends up giving you a healthy routine and lifestyle.
  • The product comes as an affordable deal to its customers. Unlike the other products in the same field, it is really cost-effective.
  • The fact that this program stays with you for lifetime is one of the biggest perks it offers. Once you have understood the Hair loss Protocol program, you can repeat it at any point of time. Once bought, it can be used for lifetime and the prescribed material needed is mostly available naturally or at a very cheap cost so, the remaining cost adds up to the savings part. When compared to other hair growth solutions in the market, the costs are pretty low and you end up saving hundreds of dollars via same.
  • Introducing the Program in life ends up making lifestyle changes for better. It just doesn’t fix the hair fall issues but also treats many other aspects of your personality. You’d feel an improvement in your lifestyle and regain that confidence which was lost somewhere during the whole hair loss span.
  • It is a natural remedy and is 100% safe. Anybody can go for it without giving second thoughts. It promises no side-effects.
  • The e-book is simple and readable which makes it trouble-free to understand and bring into practice.
  • It comes with a great customer care support. In case of any query, you can simply contact their customer care support and get an instant update to your issue.
  • The product has been tested and reviewed very well for its performance. The people who have used the Hair Loss Protocol by Jared Gates have witnessed amazing results. They recommend it to anybody who want their hair loss solutions.
  • There are absolutely no drugs prescription used in the program. It doesn’t suggest any transplants or any treatment plans which may turn harmful for your body. It simply prescribes natural solutions in your diet and lifestyle which leads to natural hair growth.
  • It guides you to inculcate a healthy diet habit which proves anyways fruitful to everybody.
  • The program is risk-free. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So, if you feel dissatisfied with the results attained by using this product, you can simply apply for a money back and you’ll get the refund as per the policy.


  • Patience is the key of this program. If you are expecting some overnight miracles, then you really need to keep a track of your expectations levels. It is a practical remedy which assures visible results. You just have to keep up with the patience levels and results will be guaranteed.
  • In case you have gone completely bald then, it will take some time for your recovery as the scalp has to become active again.

Final Verdict

Jared Gates basically offers a natural diet including a list of foods which reduces the DHT levels in the body. With the drop in the levels of the DHT in your body, the risk of baldness and prostate cancer decreases. It doesn’t have any side effects. Thousands of people have trusted and hence, got benefited from the program.


With the 60 day refundable policy, the program comes as a risk-free option. It is recommended for anyone who is looking for a natural and cost-effective solution to baldness and hair loss, this program proves itself as the ultimate solution.

Put an end to the embarrassment due to baldness. Hair loss Protocol is a must-go-for option.

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    1. Hello Daniel
      There is no issue with your age. As the protocol work regardless of age. You can take a try.. 🙂

  1. I read your review and am pretty much interested to buy the product. What is the process to get the protocol?

    1. Hello Matthew
      Its very simple dear.. You just have to purchase the protocol and it will be sent to your inbox.

  2. Hey I have ordered the program but didn’t provide my shipping address so how it will be delivered to me?

    1. Hello Cindy
      Its an online program. It will be delivered to your email address. You can find it in your inbox

  3. By reading your review, I got an amazing solution for hair loss issues. I will surely recommend it to my friends.

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